Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

A Chameleon Documentary

The Chameleon Documentary

Did you know a chameleon is a animal part of a family called chamaeleonidae.
A chameleon can rotate their eyes 360° in every direction. It also doesn’t have any ears
therefore it’s deaf`.

A chameleon is a colorful, elegant creature that can change to the most vibrant colors
depending on it's mood. Their parrot like feet cling onto branches well they wait for
their next meal.

A Chameleon has four legs, a small bump on it’s head and a curly tail. A Chameleon
has a long sticky tongue to grab prey. A Chameleon body has scales from head to tail
it also has a tail the curls up into a very satisfying ball. There are 89 species of these eye
catching, unique creatures. A length of a chameleon is 1mm just kidding it’s
surprisingly 23-33cm long and it’s 15 mm tall

Chameleons lives in rainforests and deserts. They also live in the mainland of sub-
Saharan Africa and on the island of Madagascar, although a few species live in northern
Africa, southern Europe, the Middle East, southern India, Sri Lanka, and several
smaller islands in the western Indian Ocean.

Chameleons are amazing predators, capturing their prey by a like grip whipping out
their tongues with incredible perfection. They can even capture prey weighing up to
30% of their own body weight.

In conclusion we think that chameleons are extraordinary creatures and a unnatural
animal that should be protected by the human life. Scientists think that chameleons
change colour depending on their mood or if there blending in. Do you think you
want to be a chameleon?

We explained well
We also put it into paragraphs
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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

World War

Dear Mum

Day 1
The world war continues to test my bravery and courage. When I sleep in the old,
uncomfortable trench, I hear the sounds of gunshots and get out of the old trench
and help fight. This a nightmare. We haven’t regularly been eating food, we only
eat tinned cans that have expired and hard biscuits which are moldy. I think of
home-cooked meals which are not moldy nor expired.

Day 3
A disease is starting to spread. I don’t have enough water; I am really thirsty. We
have to walk in soggy mud. People have already gotten trench foot. There is head
lice spreading everywhere. The moment I start fighting I think I will die with one
shot. When I started fighting I got hit in the leg so I got my sniper and shot the
head. I recovered from the injury and sleep in the old trench.

Day 10
When I woke up from the old dusty trench I went up and saw no man's land. There
was broken bones there grenades broken guns and even blood. I went to our base
and had a tiny bit of moldy crackers, I hated this. My teammates needed help so I
climbed up the steep small hill when I was climbing it, dirty rats and mice
scattered everywhere making noises.

Day 12
We were slowly moving to a victory, I was so pleased. I got multiple kills with my
sniper. Later I when I got my strength back I shot my opponent’s leader and
straight away they put their hands up and surrendered. Finally the war has ended
and we won. Everyone was cheering for me.

Love from



Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Muriwai Beach

Character description

“Quickly our rocket arrives in half an hour!”Shouted John
“Wait I just have to where my watch!”exclaimed Bob

Today John and Bob are travelling to space. “Finally we get
to go to space for the first time I’m SO HYPED”.

“Lets go to the NASA’s company and they will give us the
rocket  QUICK DRIVE TO NASA” “OK I am going to said
John” BBRRMM BBRRMM. We go to NASA in (half an
hour). “OK Were here” said John. We talked to a person
working their named Giffben, he was very tall (20 ft) he had
lush green hair and had a blue top. John said “Hello we
want to hire your rocket because your boss said we wanted
to explore what's in space” Giffben said “very well then best
of luck” We all said “5,4,3,2,1 BLAST OFF” BOOM. They
blasted in the air as Bob and John were very anxious. They

got in space they saw luminous stars bright and dark which
faded into each other. Later they saw something green and
huge, it was a  alien unfortunately named Lunatic, plays
like a lunatic and is crazy as a squirrel getting electrocuted.
Also has no gender surprisingly. The alien is the most
entertaining and ridiculous person ever born. Lunatic has
55 billion eyes which all are different colours strangely.
Lunatic is a Gigantic alien about 1 inch bigger than the Sun.
Also is very hungry and eats planets. I saw Lunatic and saw
me Lunatic was going to chase us in the rocket so we firstly
screamed “AAAAHHHH” and then Bob punched the boost
button. Bob and John’s hair FLEW . It was a chase like a bull
dog chasing a cat running 500 kph. Lunatic said “COME
BACK!!” Lunatic was so angry that he ate mars and saturn.
Lunatic was so fat that he covered the universe . They were
so scared like their in a haunted house filled with ghosts.
They were too busy being distracted by the sun they didn’t
see where they were going and they crashed into the earth
the rocket made a “THUP CRAMP BOOM” and exploded,
all the parts of the rocket were everywhere, we almost broke
our heads we couldn’t hear see touch. Bob and John
AM I OWW MY HEAD”. Then all of a sudden “CRUNCH”
Lunatic mumbled “MMMM YUMMY” Lunatic shouted as
he ate the earth.