Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Please Include Others!

Including Others

The aliens Zaxor and Guava were getting their rocket ship ready to leave their titanic blue planet. These  two aliens had light blue  bodies and a light green head, they also had four wobbly eyes.  Zaxors favourite planet was Neptune because he liked blue, however Guava’s favourite planet was Mars because it was red and hot.

The two aliens had a mammoth garage painted red and blue (their favourite colours). Zaxor and Guava tipped one hundred millilitres of fuel inside the tremendous rocket ship, some of the fuel splashed down on the ground. They were checking all over the rocket ship to make sure none of the parts were loose. After their checks they went  inside the rocket ship. Before he started the rocket ship he packed a volleyball in case Zaxor and Guava were bored. Guava started the rocket and they both said  “three, two, one BLAST OFF!”

One month later they arrived at the bulky, hefty moon and settled down. They were all tired and Guava’s hands felt like concrete because he had gripped the steering throttle so long. He couldn’t move them. Guava tried his hardest to move his cramped fingers.

Later out of nowhere the aliens spotted two creatures coming towards them. The aliens had been playing volleyball. The astronauts (creatures) approached the aliens. The two astronauts saw the aliens playing volleyball they desired to join so they used  their immediate jetpacks and went to them. The astronauts said “Can I play with you?” The aliens said “ Neho” The astronauts thought what did they say?. They finally figured out what it was. It was a “ No”. They said “ why not”? Zaxor and Guava said “ because you don't look like us”.

They rapidly went back to earth and bought some alien clothes from the costume shop. After that they went back to the immense moon to find the aliens. “Excuse  me can we play with you” The disguised astronauts asked. The aliens  said “ of course you can ”. The astronauts and aliens played a great game of volleyball. Zaxor and Guava thanked the astronauts and asked them their names. The astronauts removed their costumes and said to the aliens “My name’s John and he’s Fred, if you’d given us a chance before we got disguised we could have had lots of great games of volleyball, but we have to go back to earth now”. It was then the aliens realised it wasn’t what people looked like but what was underneath that counted.

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